Coir Mattresses

Our hi-speed life is full of stress & has an adverse effect on our health. As a result, most of us are developing orthopedic or mainly back problems. Our mattresses support spinal curve naturally with optimum relaxation to our body.

With durable high density foam, centre layer & perfect firmness with cushioning balance for complete comfort, the back pain / lower back pain is reduced. Also it is easy to reverse & change the 'smart cover' quickly.We Provide various sizes & thickness coir mattress.

The finished mattresses which we offer have either low-density or high-density foam covered with quilted hgh quality cotton or synthetic cloth as per customer specification.

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Quality Assurance

To ensure that our clients receive the qualitative mattresses,we adhere to strict quality checking norms. Strict inspection at each and every production stage, whatever we manufacture is high quality.

Client Satisfaction

We know that customer satisfaction decides the value of an organization. Therefore, we follow a professional approach in our organization to achieve maximum satisfaction.