• Suitable for people with orthopedic ailments
  • Comforts your back with its firmness of coir
  • Complimented by high density foam
  • Available in customizable variants


The daily hustle and bustle in our lives takes a toll on our overall health. Consequently, we tend to develop orthopedic ailments with back pain as one of the primary issues. The mattresses are accompanied with Smart Covers which can be easily reversed or changed. Scroll down to know more about some of the variants of the Coir mattresses.

  • Excello Imperia
  • Elitrest Orthoplus
  • Elitrest Demure
  • Sensillo Admira



  • Moulds itself to your body posture
  • Made with softest solid available on Earth
  • Zero leakage of gel
  • Evenly supports the mass of your body


We constantly strive to offer you the best variants of premium luxurious mattresses with unique mechanisms. Our Gel Mattress is another unique product which is made of the softest solid on Earth. This element makes sure that it moulds itself easily to the posture of your body and evenly absorbs the pressure from your body mass. This mattress is immune to any leakage of the gel as its consistency is similar of human flesh in terms of touch and feel. If you have a thing for trying different things, this mattress is for you and you won’t be disappointed.



  • Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters
  • Enhanced durability with luxurious feel
  • Natural antimicrobial properties
  • Highly resilient with flipping or turning around
  • Available in customizable variants


Latex is a unique element of nature with outstanding capabilities. Our Latex mattresses utilize the natural offerings of latex to their fullest. This mattress is crafted with latex as the primary component and keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. With natural anti-microbial and anti-allergen properties you don’t need to flip the mattress to keep the microbes from spoiling your ma 5ress. Latex ma 5resses are known to be highly resilient and last for more than 15 years. Scroll down to know more about some of the variants of the Latex Mattresses.



  • Made with 100% premium cotton
  • Durable with low maintenance
  • Crafted with highly skilled professionals
  • Environment friendly
  • Available in customizable variants


Your penchant for simplicity and tradition is appreciated by us. We offer traditional Cotton mattresses made with 100% premium cotton. This mattress is designed by the best skilled professionals in the industry who have ensured that the mattresses are highly durable and serve you for a long time with low maintenance. Our traditional cotton mattresses are available in varied thickness and size.



  • Built with ergonomics design
  • Moulds itself according to your body posture
  • Reduces fatigue and enhances blood circulation
  • Available in customizable variants


Memory foam is one of the most popularly used components in mattresses that intend to offer comfort coupled with benefits of ergonomics. Our Memory foam mattresses go the extra mile to reduce fatigue, enhance blood circulation and support the mass and shape of your body. This mattress moulds itself to the posture of your body and makes you wake up fresh, hale and hearty ready to rock through the day. Scroll down to know more about some of the variants of the Memory foam Mattresses.



  • Luxurious appearance and feel
  • Repulsive to perspiration
  • Repulsive to allergens
  • Provides amplified comfort and bounce
  • Enables be5er blood circulation
  • Available in customizable variants


If you are looking for a mattress that can take care of your health and double up as a luxury symbol as well, you are at the right place. The illustrious appearance and plethora of features offered by our Spring Mattresses makes it the hot favorite in its segment.
This mattress is crafted by the best in the business and boasts of elements like cotton, foam, coir, latex etc. to adequately support your posture and distribute pressure evenly for be5er blood circulation. It doesn’t react to perspiration of your body and displays repulsion to allergic pollens. Scroll down to know more about some of the variants of the Spring Mattresses.

Bonded Foam

Bonded Foam is the essential element that enhances the firmness, strength and durability of a mattress. The orthopedic practitioners highly recommend the bonded foam mattresses as it extends great support to the spine. On the technical note, all the mattresses that are made up with bonded foam as a base layer are referred as Orthopedic Mattresses.

Bonded Foam base gives you an edge over the other regular mattress in terms of firmness, strength and durability. On addition to these core features, these mattresses are also light in weight, washing-friendly and extremely comfortable to sleep in. Moreover, it doesn't sag.

Coming to the commercial aspects, the mattress made up with a bonded foam base are relatively economical and inexpensive and serve you with the value for your money.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the best known type of foam. It is a temperature sensitive material that reacts to your body heat and molds to contours of your body. It helps to keep your spine aligned. it relieves pressure building up on your joints. Mattresses constructed of memory foam actively mold to your body in response to heat and pressure, allowing the surface to evenly distribute body weight when occupied and return to its original shape once pressure is removed.

Bonnell Spring

Bonnell spring mattresses are durable and have a traditional feel. These mattresses give nice support to the body, hence prevent back pain. These mattresses ensure air circulation and provide maximum comfort. It is also known as ortho Spring Mattress. Bonnell spring coils are described as inter-connected wire coil technology. Mattresses of this type tend to be firmer due to its inner coil structure. As the wires are inter-connected, this spring system tends to be more motion-sensitive. This means that when someone moves on one side of the bed, the person at the other end may feel the movement on the mattress as well.

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring mattresses prevent movement while sleeping, as the springs are not interconnected. The mattresses are durable and provide greater comfort. They also improve blood circulation. Pocket spring mattresses have each coil unit encased in individual fabric Pockets. Such spring system design reduces movement across the mattress when one person moves on one end of the mattress, reducing interruptions during sleep. It is also known as non disturbance Mattress. The air volume circulating inside Pocket mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and comfortable bed temperature. Pocket spring systems also provide sufficient support to the whole body with the individual pocket coils responding individually to different the pressure points and weight of the body. Pocket spring mattresses are made with springs, which are not interconnected. This prevents any movement. If one partner is turning and tossing on the bed, the other one may not feel the movement


Coir mattress gives good support to the spine and thus, good for those with back problems. A coir mattress is naturally cool in summers, as it allows heat to pass through it. A coir mattress is best for your pocket and more durable. A coir foam mattress is made up of natural fibre, obtained by removing coconut husk. This makes the mattress hard. Because of its natural springy quality, the coir bed mattress gives good support to the body. It is an eco-friendly mattress made of non-harmful material. It has an anti-dust quality, which is why it is beneficial for those people who are suffering from dust allergies. Because of the hard material used to make the mattress, the mattress results in good sleep. Many people have the habit of keeping blowers and heaters on the bed during winters. Since the mattress is fire-resistant, it does not burn easily. The coir mattress is completely anti-moth.

HD Foam

High density-foams are almost always used as cores of foam mattresses. This is because they offer superior support than their counterparts. The higher the density of a mattress the more support you get. This, however, is controlled by the weight of the person lying on the mattress. Higher-density foams are especially good for pain and pressure relief. If you suffer back pains, then investing in a denser foam mattress could save you sleepless nights. Since they are more compact than lower density foams, they don’t sink in too much, allowing proper alignment of head, shoulders, and hips for better spine health. Higher-density foams are especially good for back and stomach sleepers. The fact that they don’t sag quickly means, they offer great back and neck support.


This is due to the natural springiness of latex, and it feels incredibly comfortable. Latex mattresses are an ideal choice for those with back pain or joint pain. Many health professionals such as osteopaths, physical therapists and chiropractors recommend latex mattresses for pain relief. This is because of the comfort and cushioning properties of the latex, as well as its ability to promote natural spine alignment. A huge advantage of latex mattresses is their ability to promote proper spine alignment. Heavier parts of the body such as the shoulders and hips sink into the latex, yet lighter areas are still strongly supported to align the spine naturally. The ability to support the natural curvature of the spine is a huge bonus for health and wellness, with this good pressure distribution, blood circulation is improved on a latex mattress.The natural resiliency of latex means that movement on one side of the mattress is not transmitted easily to the other side. This means that if you sleep with a partner, you will both be a lot more comfortable and will sleep more deeply than you would on a mattress which transmits movement.Latex mattresses are among the most durable types of mattresses. They last a lot longer than other types of mattresses before needing to be replaced. This high durability is one of the many reasons for the high level of owner satisfaction with latex mattresses.

There are 5 Ranges: 1. SENSILLO In this range there are 6 models: a. Dura b. Enliven c. Enliven Premium d. Endura e. Endura Premium f. Appeal Plus 2. SENSILLO EXCLUSIVE In this range there are 6 models: a. Dura Exclusive b. Enliven Exclusive c. Enliven Premium Exclusive d. Endura Exclusive e. Endura Premium Exclusive f. Appeal Exclusive 3. ELITREST In this range there are 5 models: a. Pleasure b. Spineasy c. Orthoplus Coir d. Opulent e. Opulent Premium 4. EXCELLO In this range there are 13 models: a. Aspira b. Aspira Premium c. Indulge d. Indulge Premium e. Ortho Spring f. Ortho Spring Premium g. Imperia h. Imperia Premium i. Cocoon Premium j. Enigma k. Enigma Premium l. Natura m. Natura Premium 5. GRANDIOSE In this range there are 4 models: a. Impress b. Prima c. Classic d. Impress Premium 6. SWITCHOFF Switchoff mattresses is totally a unique type of mattress which has the initial layer of a premium seedless cotton mattress layer. It can be said as the fusion of natural and modern technology product. In this range there are 4 models: a. Ortho Switchoff b. Cozy Switchoff c. Firm Bounce Switchoff d. Soft Bounce Switchoff